Announcing the Nouwen Book Discussion for Advent 2018

Please plan to join us this Advent season as we delve into and discuss Henri Nouwen’s Here and Now: Living in the Spirit.

As with all of Henri’s work, Here and Now penetrates the profound and important issues of living a spiritual life and examines them in a gentle, insightful, and relatable manner.

The book reads like a devotional. Concise, pertinent entries make it a perfect choice for thoughtful discussion and contemplative reflection on topics such as living in the present, prayer, relationships, joy, family, forgiveness, and death. (If you are fearful about death, this book provides comforting thoughts and wisdom about life’s ultimate mystery.)

Join us on Wednesday, November 28th for greetings and introductions. Then beginning on Sunday, December 2nd, we’ll journey together through Advent reading and sharing insights on this inspirational and life-changing book.

Facilitated by Ray Glennon, the Advent online book discussion is a wonderful way to enhance your Christmas preparations and make this Advent particularly special and memorable.

We do hope you will join us. A reading schedule will be posted prior to the beginning of the book discussion.

Need a copy of the book? It is available at many bookstores, or you can order it online through the Bookstore tab in the menu bar above.

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4 Responses to Announcing the Nouwen Book Discussion for Advent 2018

  1. Ray Glennon says:

    Great to hear from you Elaine. I’m looking forward to getting started in just a few weeks.

  2. Isabelle Alice Claps says:

    Am new to online book groups, so how to participate eludes me. But I very much want to as Advent is my most favorite season. I’ve just gotten the book on my kindle. Need to know the technical aspects of how one does this. Thanks

    • Hi Isabelle,

      Glad to hear you will be joining us for the Advent online book discussion.

      You can click on the “Advent 2018 Reading Schedule” option in the black bar beneath the above photo for instructions on how to submit and reply to comments.

      Remember that things don’t get underway until greetings and introductions on November 28th, followed by the actual book discussion facilitated by Ray Glennon beginning on Sunday, December 2nd. Comments are moderated, meaning they won’t appear as the site as soon as you hit the submit button, but only after they have been reviewed by Ray (simply to prevent Spam and rogue submissions.)

      Please spread the word about the book discussion. I trust you will find it a blessing and encouragement.

      Best regards,

  3. Elaine M says:

    Ray, thank you for facilitating still another Advent discussion for those of us who share a love of Henri Nouwen and his beautiful messages. I look forward to learning from the group of seekers who meet here every Advent and Lent.

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