Daily Meditation: November 8, 2015


The Communion of Saints

We often limit the Church to the organisation of people who identify themselves clearly as its members. But the Church as all people belonging to Christ, as that body of witnesses who reveal the living Christ, reaches far beyond the boundaries of any human institution. As Jesus himself said: The Spirit “blows where it pleases” (John 3:8). The Spirit of Jesus can touch hearts wherever it wants; it is not restrained by any human limits.

There is a communion of saints witnessing to the risen Christ that reaches to the far ends of the world and even farther. It embraces people from long ago and far away. It is that immense community of men and women who through words and deeds have proclaimed and are proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus.

Henri J. M. Nouwen

Text excerpts taken from Bread for the Journey, by Henri J.M. Nouwen , © 1997 HarperSanFrancisco. All Scripture from The Jerusalem Bible ©1966, 1967, and 1968 Darton, Longman & Todd and Doubleday & Co. Inc. Photo by V. Dobson. Scripture chosen by L. Yeskoo.

For further reflection…

“For none of us lives to our self alone and none of us dies to our self alone. If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” – Romans 14: 7, 8 (NIV)

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  1. doris says:

    We belong to Jesus if we have given ourselves completely to Him, and thus when we do we are His and do his bidding. If He says feed the hungry, look after the sick, the poor we must do it for Him. For we have given our lives to the Lord and must abide in His will. When I think of this I think of not only the poor in Canada, and USA, and other countries. I think of the people that need a country to come to, need to have food and shelter. For if we help others in the least way we can we are doing it for our Lord. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. We cannot walk away from the world today, the killings, the strife and the people trying to find a way to come to shore with their children, no clothes, no food….Ask yourself my friends what should we do? I ask myself that question, I do not know the answer – all I know the least little thing we can do and should do is for our Lord for He has asked us to help all people, all nationalities and not think only of our fun and our pleasures. My heart is touched for those with children, the grandmothers, grandfathers, moms and dads. What can we do – we must talk to Jesus and He will show us the way.

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