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  1. Jenny Sullivan says:

    First of all thanks for the daily meditation! I read it everyday!
    Constructive criticism question, can you guys remove all the web addresses that are above your daily meditations? It would make for a much more pleasing format. Just a thought from one of your more visual participants. Some food for thought. How about putting it at the bottom and start with the date at the top of the page, that way one doesn’t have to scroll through it all.
    [Hi Jenny, Thanks for your message, although I must admit I am confused by it. I don’t see any web addresses above our daily meditations. Would you mind sending me one of the meditations you receive so that I can see what you are seeing? You can send it to Many thanks, Maureen, Henri Nouwen Society]

    • mwright says:

      Dear Mary,

      Thank you for your question. The latest publications are part of the Henri Nouwen Spirituality Series: A Spirituality of Homecoming and A Spirituality of Living. They are available from our bookstore. An official biography of Henri Nouwen is in progress but it will likely be a few more years before it is completed and published.

      Nouwen Legacy Manager

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