Week 5: April 2nd – 8th

Reading: Chapters 7/8/9

Welcome once again!  In the final chapters of Adam God’s Beloved, Henri invites us to journey with him through the wake, burial and early days of processing Adam’s passing.  Henri shares some of the very personal moments of grief that he and the community experienced during this time, in a way that you can easily feel like you were there with them.  He also shares moments of profound hope.

1_ Grief “is a gradual dying within us of the loved one who had found a dwelling place in our hearts.  Grief is a departing hour by hour, day by day, minute by minute…It is an ongoing dying, a being surprised again and again by his absence, a slow, painful leaving, a wrenching loneliness.  We cannot circumvent our grief.  We cannot shorten it.  We have to give it time, much time” (p118).
a) Please feel free to share your own experience of grief, including things you learned through it.
b) What have you learned through your own experience about how to grieve?

2_”Meanwhile those who stay …will tell those who come for dinner, ‘Adam lived here.  He was a wonderful friend and guide.  Because of Adam’s life and death we have been gifted with peace, hope, love and immense gratitude'”(p124-125).
a) Do you have any special ways of remembering/holding in your heart loved ones who have gone before us ?

3_Throughout the book we’ve come to learn about this incredible young man named Adam, who touched hundreds of lives, all while not being able to talk or act independently.  In Chapter nine Henri reminds us that Adam was able to minister so powerfully not in spite of his powerlessness, but rather because of it.  “Everyone who lived with Adam has been touched by his beautiful spirit.  It is the Spirit that healed so many and brought so many a new understanding of their lives.”
a) Why do you think God’s Spirit was able to work so powerfully through Adam’s spirit?
b) How has Adam’s spirit created room for the Holy Spirit to work in your heart and life this Lent?

There is so much in these three short chapters, and we anticipate they will touch everyone a little differently.  Please feel free to share whatever came up for you in the readings.  We look forward to hearing form you.


Ray and Brynn

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