Lent Book Discussion – 2016

Welcome to the Henri Nouwen Lent Book Discussion!

We are delighted to present In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership as this Lent’s featured book.

With the subtitle Reflections on Christian Leadership, one might think this is a book only for those in church leadership. It’s not. Its content is incredibly relevant to anyone and everyone who is serious about their spiritual walk. It’s a concise, easy-to-read book — but don’t be fooled. Nouwen packs the pages with more meaning and more thought-provoking material than can be found in most books ten times the size.

Returning as our discussion facilitator is Ray Glennon.  Our other regular facilitator Brynn Lawrence is deferring this time around so she and husband Francisco can enjoy being new parents to precious baby Leo! (Congrats Brynn and family!) Rest assured, Brynn will be back with us for future book discussions.

Things get underway from February 10 – 13. Please join us here on the book discussion home page (you might want to bookmark it) beginning on Ash Wednesday to introduce yourself and to meet and greet other participants. If you would like to read ahead, the reading and discussion schedule can be viewed by clicking on the Reading Schedule tab in the black bar beneath the photo at the top of this post.

We are looking forward to a meaningful and spirit-filled discussion. Be sure to tell your friends. Everyone is welcome.

Don’t have a copy of In the Name of Jesus? Order one by clicking here.

Advent Book Discussion Ends

A big, hearty ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated – whether by commenting or by quietly reading along – in our 2015 Advent book discussion.

Judging by the number of comments, and by the depth and breadth of the content, this has been an amazing and deeply rewarding experience for all. On behalf of everyone at the Henri Nouwen Society, I extend a gracious thank you for coming along for the ride – and the read!

I know I speak for you all as I offer a very special thank you to our discussion facilitators Brynn Lawrence and Ray Glennon. As always, Brynn and Ray provided thoughful insight, gracious sensitivity, and welcoming leadership. Thank you, Brynn and Ray!

As most of you know, our next book discussion is scheduled for Lent – which is only weeks away. We will be announcing the next book selection in the next week or two. Come back to this discussion page, or check our website at henrinouwen.org for the announcement of the Lent Book Discussion title.

On behalf or Ray, Brynn and everyone at HNS, I wish you a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful 2016.

We’re looking forward to having you join us in a few weeks for our next online book discussion!

Blessings & peace,