Feb 25th to Mar 3rd: Sections 6 – 10

Reading:  sections 6-10, The Road to Daybreak

Last week was a truly amazing week of thoughtful, honest and thought-provoking sharing. A sincere thanks to each of you who shared.  We also like to always remember the many folks who are journeying along with us, but may be be less active in the comments.  We are grateful for your presence too!

We have before us another wonderful group of readings, with much to ponder.

1_In this section Henri continues to ponder “the journey of leaving everything behind for Jesus’ sake” (p71), and the growing awareness that “God wants my whole life, not just part of it” (p73).  He encourages us to “trust that true freedom lies hidden in total surrender to God’s love” (p74).
a) Henri describes the “voice” in him that tells him not to give his whole life to Jesus (see p71).  Is there a similar voice speaking in you?
b) Hot heeding that voice, Henri seeks to understand how he can bring Jesus truly to the centre of his life.  Fr. George answers “Be faithful in your adoration” (p71).  Why do you think this discipline opens up the life to full surrender to God?

2_ Forgiveness is an important theme in this week’s reading.  He writes, “I learned afresh that friendship requires a constant willingness to forgive each other for not being Christ and a willingness to ask Christ himself to be the true centre” (p65).  
a) How does Henri’s experience of pain and forgiveness in his friendship with Jonas speak to you?

3_ On page 81, Père André encourages Henri to “keep a careful eye on the difference between urgent things and important things.”
a) Is it clear in your own heart and life, the difference between the urgent things and the important things?  Which ones get most of your attention?
b) Do you know someone who consistently chooses the important things?  What do their decisions look like?  What does their life look like?
c) How can we start to make the shift from urgent to important?

4_ Henri was struck by Jean’s words “Jesus always leads us to littleness” (p88).
a) What does it mean to choose the way of “littleness”?  What does it not mean?
b) How is it that through this littleness, Jesus can bring about much fruit? (p89).

Again, you’ll find throughout Henri’s entries many other insights and pieces of wisdom he gains from the people around him.  Please feel free to share what stood out to you.


Ray and Brynn