Advent 2013 Reading Schedule has been posted

Warm greetings!

Brynn has prepared the reading schedule for us for our Advent reflection on Henri Nouwen’s Life of the Beloved. You can also find the schedule on the navigation bar above. Return to this blog on November 20th to begin your Advent journey.

November 20th-23rd: Introductions
Reading: Prologue

November 24th-30th
Reading: Being the Beloved

December 1st to 7th
Reading: Becoming the Beloved – Taken

December 8th – 14th
Reading: Becoming the Beloved – Blessed and Broken

December 15th – 21st
Reading: Becoming the Beloved- Given

December 22nd to 28th
Reading: Living as the Beloved and Epilogue

We look forward to gathering together once more to read, reflect and share!

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  1. Dear Bonnie, Glena, Betty,

    I’ve created a new post, titled “Nov 20th to Nov 23rd: Introductions.” If you come over to this new post you’ll find many many other participants have shared their introduction.

    To get to this new post you can scroll to the top of this page and click on the word “Home” located in the bottom left hand corner of the image of the forest floor. Once on the home page you’ll see the link to the new post (the title in bold text that turns red when you put your mouse over it).

    Please join us in the new post, and add any new comments there.

  2. I live near Vancouver, British Columbia, with my husband. I retired from a very satisfying teaching career five years ago. I spend my days trying to keep up with my three adult daughters and their families. We have just had our fourth grandchild and there are two more on the way. All of these precious little ones will be under the age of five. I feel privileged to have the time to support these families and enjoy the special moments of grace that grandchildren give us. But also, sometimes, I feel stale. And the questions posed for this discussion really made me think about my passion and purpose, about what God wants from me. I often pray for more direction. I wonder am I doing enough? Am I doing the right things? Am I making a difference?S ometimes I feel as if I just “go along” with life. I believe there are times when one has to do exactly that. But then there are times, I believe, when we need to listen to God’s call and be more active in the direction we feel He wants us to take. For me the hard part is knowing His way. Maybe I am on the right path after all. I am looking forward to the reading and the questions that allow me to delve deeper and maybe hear God’s Word more clearly. Many blessing on all of us as we begin this journey with one of my favourite authors, whose words are so simple and so profound.

  3. This is my first time to join one of your reading groups. I am a high school math teacher at an all boys Catholic high school. I live in Ohio. I am very excited to start the book and the discussions.

  4. I am new to Henri Nouwen’s work and look forward to participating in the discussion and hearing what everyone has to say.

  5. This is my first time doing the online book club, and I am looking forward to being part of a book discussion about one of Henri Nouwen’s books. I have read several of his books and read parts over and over again. His writing is so rich. I look forward to hearing others’ comments about the reading, and I look forward to exploring my own thoughts in regard to the questions asked.

  6. Tomorrow we start! It’s been lovely to read all your enthusiastic responses to this invitation and if we haven’t welcomed you already we do so now and give thanks for the compassion and insight that each one of you brings to this community.

    Nouwen Legacy Manager

  7. The Spirit is in the air as I followed the link on the Daily Meditation from 11/18. I look forward to journeying with this Advent reading group and reread a book that’s been on my shelf for twenty years.

  8. I look forward to my first journey with you all. I enjoy quotes and excerpts from Nouwen’s works but have only read one complete book.

  9. I am looking forward to this one! I thought I had a copy, but didn’t, so I ordered one. Then, I read the prologue and thought, “hey, I’ve read this!” Only what I had was the audio version by Henri Nouwen himself, so I am really excited to read the book and discuss it with others. Thanks for setting all of this up for us….

  10. I have been reading this wonderful book since this past Spring. It has been transforming my understanding of God’s love ever since. I would delight in fellowshipping with others on a similar journey.

  11. I look forward to doing this study on Henri’s book. I have had a copy for some time.

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