Advent 2018 Reading Schedule

Reading Schedule for Hear and Now, Living in the Spirit

In the Preface, Henri has this to say about this book of brief meditations:
“The various meditations in this book stand on there own. They can be read independently of each other. Still I have tried to weave the different mediations around some larger themes, so that when read together, a coherent vision of the spiritual life becomes visible.”

November 28th to December 1st:  Reading Assignment – Preface
Welcome and Introductions

December 2nd to December 8thReading Assignment – Chapters I to IV
Themes: Living in the Present, Joy, Suffering, Conversion

December 9th to December 15th: Reading  Assignment – Chapters V to VIII
Themes: Disciplined Living, The Spiritual Life, Prayer, Compassion

December 16th to December 22rd: Reading Assignment – Chapters IX to XI
Themes: Family, Relationships, Who We Are

December 23rd to December 24th: Reading Assignment – Afterword
Concluding reflections on living in the Spirit

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