March 18th to 24th: sections 20 to 23

“Listening to Jesus together  is a very powerful way to grow closer to each other and reach a level of intimacy that no interpersonal exchange of words can bring about.” (p189)

Reading:  Sections 20 to 23, Road to Daybreak

These last four sections capture some of Henri’s experiences during a six-week trip around the world to visit with friends and family.  There are a lot of diverse experiences here, so feel free to share about whatever stood out to you / spoke to you.

1_ Henri writes “Oh, how important is discipline, community, prayer, silence, caring presence, simple listening, adoration, and deep, lasting faithful friendship.  We all want it so much, and still the powers suggesting that all of that is fantasy are enormous.  But we have to replace the battle for power with the battle to create space for the spirit” (p184).  It is probably safe to say that the temptation to battle for power comes up for every one of us who has committed to a long-term relationship (marriage, community etc).  
a) In what ways do you see the battle for power being expressed in your own words and actions day by day?
b) What are some practical ways we can choose to “battle to create space for the spirit” in our relationships instead?

2_ Towards the end of the book Henri becomes “increasingly aware of how important it is to enjoy what is given and to fully live where one is… to become present to where I am, always growing deeper in the spirit of gratitude” (p208).
a) You are invited to recognize and express your gratitude for the people and places where each of you finds yourself right now.  You might even choose to share something each day that you choose to enjoy/are grateful full.
b) How does question number two relate to question number one?

We look forward to another rich week of sharing.  Many thanks again to each of you who have been on this Lenten journey together.  Be sure to come back next week for a week of “conclusions.”


Ray and Brynn

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