Mar 17 to Mar 23: III. Jesus Falls 1st Time; IV. Jesus Meets Mary; V. Simon Helps Jesus

ReadingWalk With Jesus, Chapter III, IV, and V  (pages 19-36)

On Saturday afternoon I re-read all of the comments that were submitted last week.  It was a gift and a blessing to read the deep and insightful comments.   I want to thank those of you who have shared and those reading and following along silently for joining us on this Lenten journey. A number of wonderful comments were posted on Saturday; if you haven’t read them yet, you can find them here or by clicking on the Mar 10 to Mar 16 link under Recent Posts in the right margin.

During this second week of Lent, through the artistry of Sr. Helen David, we meet a little Vietnamese boy alone in the world, a Nicaraguan mother who has lost her son to violence, and two men carrying stones to build a hut in Bangladesh. Contemplating the little boy Henri writes, “Nowhere is our fallen humanity set before us as in these little children” as he reminds us that Jesus calls us to be like little children. For Henri, the Nicaraguan mother represents “thousands of women all over the world who keep offering peace instead of war, hope instead of despair, forgiveness instead of revenge” as did Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  The two men in Bangladesh are working together to carry a burden that would be too heavy for either to bear alone and, as Henri writes, “are celebrating their shared humanity and so preparing a new home.”  While the specific details may differ from those in these reflections, there are countless situations of injustice, loneliness, poverty, and suffering that exist in our world today and call for our prayers and compassion.

This week as you consider Sr. Helen David’s image and Henri’s reflection, you are encouraged identify similar contemporary situations. What makes the situations similar? Did the painting and reflection give you a deeper understanding of the current situation?  Are you better able to see God’s presence in today’s world, even in difficult situations?  What small changes might you consider in your life in response to these situations?

You are encouraged to share your reflections and insights with the group to the extent you are comfortable.  You may find it helpful to consider the questions above or to refer to the reflection guide below.  Regardless of how you get started, please share whatever is on your heart.

I look forward to another week of fruitful reflection and discussion.

May the Lord give you peace. (Greeting of St. Francis of Assisi to those he met.)

Reflection Guide:
Henri follows a threefold approach at each Station. First, he places us in Sister Helen David’s picture. He then transports us to Jerusalem to join Jesus on his way to Calvary. Finally, Henri challenges us walk with Jesus and to build God’s Kingdom here and now.

At each Station (or in each chapter) you might:

  1. Ponder on Sister Helen David’s drawing.  Take note of your observations, impressions, reactions, and any questions that my arise.
  2. Read Henri’s reflection.  How does Henri’s reaction to the drawing compare to yours?  Does Henri’s description of Jesus’ suffering at this Station give you new insight into your life and faith journey? How do you respond to Henri’s challenge to walk with Jesus? What concrete steps will you take and when?
  3. How you will respond? Carefully (prayerfully) consider how your heart responds to the insights gained during your reflection. Are there small steps you can take to incorporate these insights to strengthen your spiritual life
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