Advent 2023 | Book Announcement

Book Selection for Advent 2023 | Ukraine Diary

For this coming Advent Online Book Discussion, we’ve chosen Henri Nouwen’s latest book – Ukraine Diary. A previously unpublished work of Nouwen’s, it’s like a time capsule, a message from the past with special meaning for today.

More about the Book

In 1993 and ’94, Henri Nouwen made two trips to Ukraine that were deeply significant to him. With extraordinary prescience, Henri identified in Ukraine certain spiritual and moral qualities struggling to assert themselves—exactly the qualities, almost thirty years later, that the Ukrainian people have mobilized in their struggle for freedom and independence. He found a people hungry for hope and healing, in need of the life-giving message he most wanted to share: that we are all “beloved of God,” and that God’s love meets us where we are most hurt, weak, and vulnerable.

“Henri is deeply in touch with the Slavic soul, its long suffering, and the national identify of the Ukrainian people. He still speaks prophetically about Russian imperialism, the gospel call to peacemaking, and prayerful resistance in a troubled and fearful land.”

Michael J. Christensen

Details about the Online Discussion

Join us Wednesday, November 29th for greetings and introductions. Then beginning Sunday, December 3rd, we’ll journey through Advent reading and discussing this timely book.

Facilitated by Ray Glennon, the Advent online book discussion is a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus’ arrival as Emmanuel (God with us) into our global community at Christmas. What a wonderful way to give special meaning to your Christmas preparations. We do hope you can join us.

A reading schedule will be posted prior to the beginning of the book discussion.

Need a copy of the book?

It is available at many bookstores, or you can order it online through the Books menu link above, or these links below.