Lent Book Discussion – 2016

Welcome to the Henri Nouwen Lent Book Discussion!

We are delighted to present In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership as this Lent’s featured book.

With the subtitle Reflections on Christian Leadership, one might think this is a book only for those in church leadership. It’s not. Its content is incredibly relevant to anyone and everyone who is serious about their spiritual walk. It’s a concise, easy-to-read book — but don’t be fooled. Nouwen packs the pages with more meaning and more thought-provoking material than can be found in most books ten times the size.

Returning as our discussion facilitator is Ray Glennon.  Our other regular facilitator Brynn Lawrence is deferring this time around so she and husband Francisco can enjoy being new parents to precious baby Leo! (Congrats Brynn and family!) Rest assured, Brynn will be back with us for future book discussions.

Things get underway from February 10 – 13. Please join us here on the book discussion home page (you might want to bookmark it) beginning on Ash Wednesday to introduce yourself and to meet and greet other participants. If you would like to read ahead, the reading and discussion schedule can be viewed by clicking on the Reading Schedule tab in the black bar beneath the photo at the top of this post.

We are looking forward to a meaningful and spirit-filled discussion. Be sure to tell your friends. Everyone is welcome.

Don’t have a copy of In the Name of Jesus? Order one by clicking here.

49 Replies to “Lent Book Discussion – 2016”

  1. I am a late and first time participant but am looking forward to being a part of the discussion. I’ve been part of a small book group centered around Henri Nouwen’s writings for 6+ years.

  2. I am retired pastor from mainline church now participating in a Roman Catholic church and am looking forward to this discussion. Nouwen feels like a family member from the affect of reading his books which have been a big part of my spiritual life in 40 yrs. of ministry. I love the book “In the Name Of Jesus.” It is a wonderful guide and warning of dependence on second loves the importance of our “first Love” Looking forward to the discussion.

  3. Greetings all. Coming late to the Inner Voice as usual but am looking forward to the reading & sharing. The commitment helps me keep on track with daily prayer so I thank you for the opportunity. Your reflections are always something I am grateful for.
    I am retired, from New Hampshire, wintering in Arizona and have done Lenten & Advent readings several times. I work part time but try to spend my day focused on the aspects of my life that I should be grateful for wife, children & friends.

  4. I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband, Dave. We have four grown children and are both still employed in IT. I have not participated in a previous book discussion and never even commented on a blog. And to think my profession is IT! Dave and I have done a study, just the two of us, of The Return of the Prodigal Son and both admire Henri Nouwen very much. We are finding our current, local small group Bible study a bit lacking in depth and spirituality, so we thought we’d join this group for a change during the Lenten season.

  5. I am a 50 year old wife and mom and live in Wisconsin. I have been receiving the daily meditation for years and always enjoy the short concise thoughts of Henri and how relevant they are. This is the first time I have participated in an online book discussion of any kind so I am looking forward to being part of this community and seeing what message God has for each one of us through the Lenten season.

  6. Well this was a nice surprise. I was searching on Henri Nouwen and this reading group came up. I first encountered his Return of the Prodigal Son more than 20 years ago and set up a study group for our choir to explore it and have loved his writings ever since. I was especially attracted to how he connected beautiful art to the message of Jesus. So as a way to focus on the Lenten season, I would like to join you for In the Name of Jesus. I am a retired Air Force officer and have been a part time teacher at a small Christian college in Portland, OR for the last dozen years. I look forward to your thoughts.

  7. This is the first time in reading this book and participating in a Lenten book discussion. I started reading Henri’s books back in the late 90’s and have read several of his books.
    He is a great spiritual guide and I look forward to discussing his book.

  8. I’ve done these seasonal studies for several years now and always receive affirmation on my journey as well as new insights and usually a challenge to growth. I found Henri in the 1980’s when I was DRE at our parish here in northern Wyoming and have most of his books. In 2005 I changed ministries and became executive director of our dog and cat shelter, retiring from that nearly two years ago. I continue to be active in my parish, teaching classes, leading our Bereavement Ministry, lectoring and being a Eucharistic Minister. I have two acres I’m turning into the Garden of Eden (hard in Wyoming!) and last fall was awarded an outstanding Audubon Habit hero Award for my efforts there. I also breed, train and compete with European working line German Shepherd Dogs and currently have a two-week-old litter plus another due March 16th. Caring for the the puppies will make this a different Lenten experience for me – not nearly as reflective as usual – and I may not post a lot, but I’ll be reading and absorbing everyone’s wisdom even if I’m not speaking. Happy Lent, everyone!!!

  9. I have participated in several of these book discussions and always look forward to a kind of reunion with old Henri Nouwen blog friends and the opportunity to learn from new members of this group. Some of you have generously shared your heroic struggles to rise above some daunting life challenges with courage and faith. Others have shared their uncanny gift for seeing God in the smallest details of everyday life. Most of all, I have appreciated everyone’s effort to make this a safe space of open mindedness and support. What a refreshing change of pace from the snarkiness of so much of the outside world.
    I am a teacher, mother, wife, grandmother, Eucharistic minister, Catholic youth coordinator, reader, and hiker. These book discussions always help me to put my busy life in perspective. Thanks to all.

  10. I am looking forward to joining in this Lenten journey. Third time for me, first two I was very active, last one I was a silent listener, but still fed by the group discussions.

    After 30+ years living outside of the US, the last 10 in Germany, my husband and I are back in the States permanently, arrived about a month ago, living in VA.

    Lots of adjustments in our lives but things seem to be falling into place beautifully. Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones through this blog.

    Blessings to all!

  11. This is the first time I am joining a discussion. Henri Nouwen’s daily readings truly speak to my heart. I am leaning into Jesus more this Lenten Season eager to experience deeper connection with Him.

  12. Looking forward to the journey through Lent. I always start well, and sometimes finish! However, I always get a great deal from the book and comments. Thank your for the opportunity to take part. It enriches the work I do with other people.

  13. Hello – I am so happy to have found this site and book club. This is my first time participating in an online book club. I was first introduced to Henri Nouwen’s writings when I stumbled upon one of his books and was struck by the title “The Inner Voice of Love”. Since that first book I have taken on the goal of reading and owning every one of his books. I am currently living in North Carolina and am on a journey, this Lenten season, toward freedom from fear and a new vision for seeing the past as understanding for the future. I am excited and honored to be apart!

  14. This is my first on line lenten discussion.
    It is my prayer that God will bless the time
    I dedicate toward walking closer
    to my Lord Jesus, His precious Son.

  15. This is Gilly from “across the pond” participating in a third book discussion I have recently been licensed as a lay minister in the Church of England aged 70 and discovered that whatever years are left I have a lot to learn from Henri and my fellow Christians .I love the prospect of that journey and tmeeting the presence of the spirit that will guide this Lent 2016 community.Gilly

    1. Welcome back Gilly and Lisa. We will have a new post tomorrow (Ash Wednesday) welcoming the group and inviting everyone to introduce themselves.
      Peace and all good.

  16. Hello,
    I have done these book discussions before and have experienced much from the other participants. I have read 40 of Henri’s books and now reread some of them, always experiencing something new. What do I do? teach a nursing course at IUPUI in Indianpolis, volunteer as a Eucharistic Minister at a hospital and my parish, spend time with my husband in retirement as we have just experienced our 52nd wedding anniversary, am a grandma to 6 girls, love to travel, have been to 40 states, 10 countries, and lots of big cities in the US.
    As my husband and I age I wonder if this could be our last lent even though we are in good health. I want to experience Lent somewhat differently this year, trying to do the usual, Mass, eucharist, only reading spiritual religious books, praying for many, and doing the usual prayer, almsgiving and fasting. I want to slow down and experience all of Lent. I look forward to the book study.

  17. I look forward to the Lenten season in this Year of Mercy and, also, being part of the Lenten Book Discussion.
    May we experience God’s blessings during this season.


    1. Welcome Maura, Jan, and Patty. Check back next on Wednesday for the welcome and introduction post. Looking forward to a meaningful discussion.

  18. Hello Ray and welcome to baby Leo. Byrnn and her husband will be fully occupied with new parenthood while we embark on the Lenten retreat! I am once again looking forward to group discussion and wonderful sharing.

  19. I hope to be able to join this group for discussion of Henri Nouwen’s book. I just purchased a copy of it and look forward to hearing about it from all. It has been a long time since I have tried to do an online group, so I hope I can keep up with the discussion.

  20. Greetings Brynn, we don’t know each other but I also wanted to congratulate you on your baby. I was captivated by your baby Leo’s birth at about the same time (Dec) as my newest great-nephew, Leo, born during Lent!

  21. Like Ruth and others, I am looking forward to the Lent discussion. I read Henri Nouwen daily and find his reflections to be enormously relevant to my days’ activities by giving me a spiritual lens through which to view both the joyful and challenging.

    1. Welcome Mary and Yvonne. We’ll start next week on Ash Wednesday with Introductions and discuss the first reading the week of February 14th, the First Week of Lent. You can find the complete Reading Schedule by clicking on the link at the top of this page under the picture.
      Peace and all good.

  22. The Advent book discussion was so meaningful to me, I just had to join the Lenten discussion! I received my book a couple days ago and I’m looking forward to joining you all on this journey. And hearty congratulations Brynn and Francisco on the birth of their baby. God Bless!

  23. Thank you, Ray. My book arrived in my mailbox yesterday! These studies have been life changing for me. Brynn and Francisco, thank you for sharing your wonderful news of precious little Baby Leo’s birth with our online spiritual family. 🙂

  24. Congratulations Brynn and Francisco — Welcome to the world little Leo! This is the best news that I am reading — somehow I missed his birth! We need more joys like this.
    How one little child enters the (your) Universe and “takes over” Everything! 🙂 Enjoy…

    1. Hi Rose!

      Many thanks for your very warm welcome to baby Leo. He was born during the Advent discussion, and I just let everything else go but him for a while… I didn’t even get a chance to post our good news for the group. Ray was respectfully waiting for me to do so. So, you didn’t miss it… you are one of the first on here to hear! Thanks again!


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