Announcing the Nouwen Book Discussion for Lent 2019

Please plan to join us this Lent season as we read and discuss Henri Nouwen’s Walk With Jesus: Stations of the Cross.

At first glance, one might think this book may appeal principally to Catholics. Yet, the Stations of the Cross hold deep significance to Christians of all denominations who practice  a spiritual pilgrimage through contemplation of the Passion of Christ.

Facilitator Ray Glennon feels that this book selection is apt and timely as Henri’s reflections at each station address universal human concerns.  Although Henri is describing specific situations in particular countries at the time he was writing, the issues of poverty, immigration, marginalization, human suffering, and compassion are ever with us and in the news today.   Henri’s reflections will help all Christians and other spiritual seekers to walk with Jesus on their Lenten journey.

Here’s a description of this powerful book taken from the publisher’s website: Inspired by the drawings of Sister Helen David, Henri Nouwen sees in these images the ongoing passion of Christ in our world today. Stark and moving, her drawings—of an abandoned child, of a political prisoner behind bars, a peasant burdened by a load of firewood, a mother grieving for he murdered son—still do not lead us to despair. Rather, as Nouwen notes, they “help us unite our own broken humanity with the humanity of the men, women, and children portrayed . . . . This union become possibly through the suffering and risen body of Jesus. In and through Jesus, our world can become one because in this divine love he embraces all of us, and desires that we all be one, as he and his father are one.”

Join us on Wednesday, March 6th for greetings and introductions. Then beginning on Sunday, March 10th, we’ll journey together through Lent reading and sharing insights learned from this profound devotional.

The Lent online book discussion is a wonderful way to spiritually enrich your Lenten observances.

We do hope you will join us. The reading schedule is posted and can be accessed by clicking on the Reading Schedule tab in the menu bar above.

Need a copy of the book? You can order it online through the Bookstore tab in the menu bar above.

13 Replies to “Announcing the Nouwen Book Discussion for Lent 2019”

  1. One has not been a part of previous discussions. I’m hoping to receive my book in the mail today.

    Very much looking forward to reading this book and being part of the discussion.

    Michael (Australia)

  2. Hi, I do not see “comments” anywhere in red in small print.
    Also, I would like to buy the book, but I am in Canada and the bookseller you are using does not seem to ship to Canada? The book is much more expensive on Cdn Amazon. Also, I would rather not buy on Amazon.

  3. Book on it’s way. Looking forward to another fruitful read and the wonderful sharing of people who share my passion for Henri Nouwen’s writing.

  4. I have read some of the discussions in the past but have never participated. I would like to make an effort to do so this time. I have been a lifelong church member(Christian Reformed) and feel the need for renewal. I have a number of Books written by Henri Nouwen and have always been inspired and lifted. I am looking forward to joining with you during this season of Lent.

    1. Hi Mariam,
      No registration necessary. Just show up on March 6th to introduce yourself (if you feel comfortable doing so) and to meet others who will be joining the discussion. For instructions on how to post comments, click on the “Lent 2019 Reading Schedule” tab in the black band beneath the above photo.
      Looking forward to having you participate!

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