Announcing the Book Selection for Summer 2020

It has been a few years since we’ve indulged in a summertime book discussion. Well, it’s back and it couldn’t be more timely!

After a wonderful Lent book discussion of Henri Nouwen’s most popular book The Return of the Prodigal Son, we are delighted to feature Gabrielle Earnshaw’s newest release Henri Nouwen & The Return of the Prodigal Son: The Making of a Spiritual Classic.

Gabrielle Earnshaw is the founding archivist for the Henri J.M. Nouwen Archives & Research Collection and chief archivist for the Henri Nouwen Legacy Trust. She was the editor for three recent Nouwen releases, Following Jesus, You Are the Beloved, and Love, Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life.

In Henri Nouwen & The Return of the Prodigal Son: The Making of a Spiritual Classic, Ms. Earnshaw examines Nouwen’s intellectual formation as well as the impact of his family and friends on the shape of the book. Letters, many published here for the first time, give us a privileged look at Henri’s world during the nine years he took to complete the book. Earnshaw considers how it compares to other books published at the same time to place the work and its author in a historical, cultural and spiritual context. Finally, she explores how Nouwen himself was changed by the book and why twenty-three later it continues to touch the hearts and minds of 21st century readers.

Join us on June 10th for greetings and introductions. Then beginning on Sunday, June 14th we’ll journey together reading and sharing insights gleaned from this wonderful work of insight and inspiration.

A reading schedule can be viewed by clicking on the Reading Schedule tab in the menu bar above. Facilitator Ray Glennon will prompt each week’s discussion by offering thoughtful questions and insights to get the discussion going.

The online book discussion is an excellent way to stimulate your mind and elevate your spirit. Kick start your summer reading by joining as we reflect on this illuminating new book. Participate in whatever way you feel most comfortable!

Need a copy of the book? It is available at many bookstores, or you can order it online through the Bookstore tab in the menu bar above, or click on the appropriate link below:

The publisher has kindly offered a 20% discount when purchasing the book through their website by using the promo code EARNSHAW. – US orders only. Valid until June 13, 2020.

12 Replies to “Announcing the Book Selection for Summer 2020”

  1. I have participated in these book readings before and am interested in joining this discussion. I have purchased the book written by Gabrielle Earnshaw and read the first chapter. I first learned about Henri Nouwen’s writings on spirituality because of his book The Wounded Healer and also the daily meditations were advised for our Stephens Ministry class at church. In my opinion, he had an amazing way of expressing wisdom that is universal and always touches the soul so will be very eager to read this book and also be able to read other participants’ ideas and perspectives. It could be a very growing experience and I am appreciative the Henri Nouwen Society is offering this opportunity.

  2. Looking forward to revisiting the source book through the eyes of Gabrielle‘a book and the ensuing discussions.

  3. Thank you for the information – re: no cost for the discussion group.
    (in the email link this is very confusing. I see 20% discount – that doesn’t mention the book…& so I assumed it meant there was a fee for joining the discussion)
    Anyway, I have the book on order – and would love to participate.

    1. No need to read the book in advance. The idea is that we read and discuss it together. Not to worry if you haven’t read the source book by Henri Nouwen. I think the insights gleaned from Gabrielle’s book should really enrich the reading of “The Return of the Prodigal Son” for those who haven’t read it, and illuminate the understanding of those who have!

        1. No need to register. Just visit this page beginning on June 10 if you would like to introduce yourself and to meet other participants by using the “comments” section on the page. The book discussion gets underway on Sunday, June 14, with moderator Ray Glennon.

          I do hope you can join us!

            1. Hi Lynn,
              It’s a monitored chat room. After Ray posts reflective questions to begin the discussion each Sunday, you can read along and comment whenever you like during the following week. Ray posts all comments as soon as he’s had a chance to review them.

              I hope you plan to join us!

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