Lent 2023 Reading Schedule

Here is the reading schedule for the Lent 2023 book discussion of The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom by Henri Nouwen

February 22 to February 25: Introduction and A Suggestion to the Reader
(pages. xiii to xxi)
First Week of Lent, February 26 to March 4: “Work Around Your Abyss” to “Bring Your Body Home” (pages 3 to 20)
Second Week of Lent, March 5 to March 11: “Enter the New Country” to “Follow Your Deepest Calling” (pages 21 to 44)
Third Week of Lent, March 12 to March 18: “Remain Anchored in Your Community” to “Community” (pages 45 to 69)
Fourth Week of Lent, March 19 to March 25: “Accept Your Identity as a Child of God” to “Claim the Victory” (pages 70 to 92)
Fifth Week of Lent, March 26 to April 1: “Face the Enemy” to “Keep Choosing God” (pages 93 to 115)
Holy Week, April 2 to April 8: “Conclusion” (pages 116 to 118) and A Look Back at Our Lenten Journey (revisit meaningful parts of the entire book)

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