Week 1: March 5th – 11th

Reading:  Chapters 1 and 2

Welcome!  In the introductions from last week we heard from many hearts desiring to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord.  Some shared the very clear way God led them to this discussion.  Others shared how very personal experiences drew them to this book.  The Holy Spirit clearly has a plan for each one, and we pray that he has His way in all of our hearts throughout this discussion.

1 ) In many ways these two chapters are context to help us prepare for the weeks ahead.  We are introduced to Adam, and come to understand many of the challenges he faced in life, as well as one or two of the tragedy’s he experienced.  Yet we also see how he was a blessing to his family; “he was such a gentle soul, and we loved to have him with us” wrote his Dad (p34).

a) We invite you to consider “Who is your Adam?”  Who is someone in your life that has been a blessing to you, who has spoken to you about God out of their place of vulnerability?
b) You are invited to share with us a little bit about your relationship with “your Adam” (keeping the person’s privacy in mind).

2 ) From the Introduction, we know that Henri is writing this book out of his question, “What do I believe?”  In Chapter two we are reminded of the “message coming to us from our world that leads us to believe that we must prove our belovedness…” (p 37, emphasis added)

a) What does the Bible tell us about the truth of our Belovedness? (Please share to remind yourself and others!)
b) Do you believe it for Adam?
c) Do you believe it for yourself?
d) If there is a difference between your answers to b and c, what is the difference?

3) Sue did a wonderful job of filling in the story of Adam’s early life.  Did anything stand out to you, or speak to you, as you read through this simple story of Adam’s early life?  

As is always the case, these questions are offered to help facilitate our discussion, but please don’t feel bound to them or limited by them.  Feel free to share whatever comes up for you in the reading.

Ray and Brynn