Announcing the Nouwen Book Discussion for Advent 2017

We are delighted to announce that we will continue our discussion of Henri Nouwen’s Love, Henri for the Advent 2017 Book Discussion.

Love, Henri is a collection of more than 200 personal letters Henri sent to friends, colleagues, and complete strangers who had written to him asking for his counsel and spiritual advice.  Henri was a natural spiritual companion to everyone with whom he engaged. Countless people found him a valued spiritual guide through the struggles and triumphs of life. These letters show Henri as the man he really was — kind, wise, fragile, selfless, encouraging, vulnerable, honest and, most of all, human.

Edited by Gabrielle Earnshaw, longtime archivist for the Henri Nouwen Legacy Trust, Love, Henri is the perfect selection to read and discuss during the season of Advent. These letters overflow with Henri’s wisdom, understanding, and his unwavering belief in a loving, compassionate God who chose to become like us through the Incarnation.

Join us beginning Wednesday, November 22nd and journey with us through each week of Advent as we read and discuss this insightful collection of personal letters from Henri Nouwen.

Facilitated by Brynn Lawrence and Ray Glennon, this lively and thoughtful discussion is a wonderful way to ready your heart and mind to celebrate the Christmas season.

We do hope you can join us. A reading schedule will be posted prior to the commencement of the book discussion.

Don’t have the book? It’s available at most bookstores, or you can order it online by clicking on the Bookstore tab in the menu bar above.

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9 Responses to Announcing the Nouwen Book Discussion for Advent 2017

  1. Melanie Norcutt says:

    Good morning! I do not have a copy of this book yet, but will get one by the end of the week. I was introduced to Henri Nouwen’s work a few years ago – an older person from church recommended his work and gave me a green hard copy of “Reaching Out”. I love his writing and have read a few more of his, The Prodigal Son being a very special one as well. I have received the morning updates from the society for a couple of years. I am married, with two grown children, teach elementary and continue to search for spiritual community. I look forward – very much- to sharing this book and the discussions to follow. Thanks for making this happen:))

  2. Gloria says:

    Following a recent accident, I was hospitalized for 16 days. A friend visited me in the hospital with a gift of the book, Love Henri. How special to have this wonderful friend and how meaningful to study this book during advent with kindred spirits around the world. I feel the love of God each day as I continue to rest and recuperate.

  3. Robyn Loritsch says:

    How do I go about joining the Advent online event?

    • Brynn Lawrence says:

      Hi Robyn. Simply come back to the book discussion Home Page on Wednesday Nov 22nd. You’ll see a new “post” on the page, just the same as this one. You can add comments to the discussion in the same way you asked this question. Looking forward to you joining us!


  4. Sue Orlowski says:

    I had been reading the book so it will be an asset to hear what other people have said about it.

  5. Evelyn says:

    This will be a refreshing departure from traditional Advent studies and will add some balance to the pace of the season. I am looking forward to the usual excellence and thoughtfulness that Brynn and Ray offer. Bringing closure to the “Letters” book will be an added opportunity.
    Blessings to all.

  6. Linda M. Forbes says:

    Looking forward to the discussion!

  7. I am looking forward to engaging in another Advent discussion based on Henri’s work.

  8. P.A.M. Lesch says:

    Once more looking forward to the respite that this mediation & conversation time affords me during the hectic Holiday Season

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